It’s Free & Easy.

Here’s how it works.

It’s Free & Easy.

Here’s how it works.

To get your free water test simply bring us a sample your water. Take the water from before any treatment system you may currently have in place. This will let us know what your raw water is like. If you have a treatment system you can bring us a second sample “post treatment”.


Muskoka Clean Water

If you have a treatment system the best place to sample is most likely by the pressure tank where your water first comes into your home. Sometimes you will have an outside tap that is untreated water that is easy to access. If you take your water from the pressure tank be sure to make sure it is flushed out first as the bottom of the pressure tank can get pretty mucky!

Fill containers to the tops and seal tightly to keep the air at a minimum. We do not want to allow the iron to oxidize and risk having an inaccurate result.

Please make sure your samples are labeled. We will need to have your name and the location of the sample as well as the source (dug or drilled well, lake or river). If you have a treatment system as much information as you know about it will be useful too.

We do not test for bacteria. If you want your water tested for potability you need to take a sample in a Public Health supplied bottle to a Public Health drop off point.



If you would prefer we come to you please contact us and we will schedule an in home visit with you.


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